Failed to save settings - Failed to replace temp file

Hi All,

I seem to be plagued with the following error: -


I’m running Cantabile 4162. The error randomly happens when I exit Cantabile, sometimes everything is fine.

I recently had a similar error affecting song files which turned out to be the auto synchronisation using Synology Drive Client, however, the above error affecting settings.json.tmp and doesn’t seem to be related to Drive Client as this disabled.

I’ve had problems like this with Ableton when using Dropbox. I now quite Dropbox whenever I launch my (Cantabile + Ableton) audio system.

Of course, there’s no reason to have Dropbox running, except for convenience. I just launch it after music and let it “catch up” on updates. But that does mean I many have to wait if I’m moving between systems for the files to be synchronized …

Thanks for the suggestion, i’m not using dropbox and I have the Synology Drive Synchronisation disabled whilst using Cantabile. The error occurs regardless.

I have tries re-installing to no avail, but, I don’t think a re-instal clears the registry settings

Best Regard Steve B

Is there a method of carrying out a clean install. I.e. clearing registry setting etc. ? …/Steve

The good new is I think I FOUND the issue. Thanks for everyones help, it helped pin down the issue: -

I use Synology Drive Client to back file up from the laptop to a network connected drive. I was having the same issue with Cantabile ‘.song’ files. Someone on the forum suggested I tried disabling the file synchronization. Synology Drive Client has an easy accessible way to suspend (pause) file synchronization, doing this rectified the problems relating to ‘.song’ files. However, I was still seeing a similar error with ‘settings.json.tmp’. As Synology Drive Client was paused I didn’t think I could ‘blame’ it for the issue. I noticed that at somepoint I’d added ‘C:\Users\steve\AppData\Local\Topten Software\Cantabile 4.0 (x64)’ file path to Synology Drive Client Settings, deselecting this path from the Drive Client resolved the issue.

I am at a complete loss as why, even with the Drive Client suspended, the error was occurring.

I’ve investigated a little further and notice an error in the Drive client log which read: -

It’s seems that Drive Clients default backup rules which exclude *.tmp, *.pst, *.swp, etc. from being backed were actually deleting the ‘plugin.json.tmp’ file dispite the backup being suspended.

I am a little perplexed, I think that this issue is an issue with Drive Client. Like I say the explanation doesn’t make total sense, but, the proof is the fact that deselecting the settings folder from Drive Client looks like it solved the problem.

So pleased.

What an awesome peice of software Cantabile is truely love using it. I tried STeinbergs ‘VST Live’ before switching to Cantabile. VST LIve seems to cater for show production I guess, I couldn’t get on with it despite trying for months. Within days I hade Cantabile doing the same things as VST LIve with ease. Love the ‘Embedded Racks’ by the way.

Thank you for listening …

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