Failed To Open Song -File Not Found

Was wondering if anyone has experienced this recently:

I did two small venue gigs this weekend. I setup two different set lists, checked them out, and verified. On the 1st gig, I started getting this message near the end of the 2nd set, and manually loaded several songs as “open song”. My sound also deteriorated into a distorted muddy mess. Never could figure it out and struggled with it the rest of the gig. I restarted the engine, rebooted the laptop and audio interface. No change.

Next night I ran into the same problem near the end of the 1st set, and had to abandon many songs down the list. The songs that did load were sounding as bad as the prior night. During break, I found again that I could manually load the songs, and the sound began to come back as normal. I quickly set up a new set list with the songs that received the error message earlier. Everything worked fine. I am not blaming version 3247, but I’ve not had this problem before installing it last week. More than likely a computer problem and will be testing everything this week. Again, if anyone has had this problem, would love to know your solution.

P.S. Two notable musicians from STAX record days sat in with the band on the 2nd night. The elderly keyboardist was REALLY impressed with my “great grand piano”( Acoustic Samples Academic Grand) and my “B3” (VB3). He wanted to know where the Leslie cabinet was, and what great keyboard I was using. I told him the keyboard was a controller and all the sounds, including leslie were computer generated. He was shocked. Then I showed him Cantabile and he got my number for a future discussion. So glad I got my rig running before that moment!!



Hi @Corky

That error message is pretty explicit - the file simply couldn’t be found when Cantabile tried to open it.

Given that you’re also getting sound degradation issues, I’d be suspicious of something fairly fundamental being wrong - hardware issue, or perhaps corrupted hard drive.

First thing I’d do is run a chkdsk on all your hard drives.


Thanks for the info Brad!! I considered that, and will try it, but I could load the songs individually which really made me wonder.

Yep… the fact that the file is missing one minute and back the next is very worrisome. ChkDsk it.

@Corky— this sounds exactly like what happened to me last night. Did you ever find a resolution (or ID the issue)?

Hi Jeff

From what I remember, I slightly edited the song name (added key at the end so I could print out set list with key info for other band mates), so I could load the song individually (out of set list), but when I loaded the setlist, the song was in the list, but would not load. Long story short, the set list was looking for the old name, and to correct it, I had to reset my song list to recognize the edited name. A case of pilot error. :blush:

If you rename the song in Cantabile’s set list it’ll rename the file and the entry in the set list to match (just make sure you save the set list to not lose it again).

Thanks, Corky-- It was the combo of missing songfile plus audio degradation that really clicked. Last night I had a missing song file, and one VST plugin sounded absolutely awful. I’ll try Brad’s chkdsk suggestion. Glad your issue wasn’t more serious!

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