Failed to Load VST2

I’m getting so sick and tired of software at this point. Can someone plz help me with why this is happening? First it lets me use my vst’s and after opening up cantabile it tells me"THESE VST’S ARE NOT SUPPORTED"…WHATTTTTTT!!! It says PLUG-INS folder doesn’t exist- EVEN THOUGH IT’S ON MY FUCKEN PC! WTF!!!

Damn dude! Calm down.

First of all, we will need more info, and less profanity in all caps. When setting up Cantabile, you will have to direct (or tell) it where your vst’s are. You do that by going into Tools>Options>Plugin Options. Also, are you running Cantabile x86, or x64? If you are running the x86 version, your x64 vsts will not load…as in “not supported”, if you are using x64 plugins. IF that is your situation, run Cantabile x64 and direct Cantabile to your vst folders. Also visa/versa with x86.
It always helps us if you give as much info as possible, because we can only guess at your particular problem. So, are you using Cantabile x86, but using x64 plugins?
Also, knowing from my own experience as a newbie a few years back, it takes time and patience to dive into the unknown when starting a new piece of software. There are videos and guides to help you understand on the Cantabile website. I suggest you pay them a visit. In the mean time, try my suggestion, and post back results here. Me, or others will be glad to help, but understand, we will ask more questions, and please… save the profanity and all caps for Facebook, especially if you expect help.

Welcome to the forum, and lets see if we can get you up and running.





Also yes Profanity is for FB lol!!!

So, it’s x86 then?

Ok so it’s on 64 now but still getting the same error.

That error…meaning “not supported”?

No like it don’t exist.

I try to load the plugins folder and cantabile will say this folder don’t exist.

When using the Plugins Option, did you use the “browse” to find your folder?

Ok so they loaded in finally but I for some reason had to put my vst’s into Drive c and common and vst 2 file.


Cool…we are getting somewhere now.

But whenever i load up cantabile they are missing again.

the plugins stay in cantabile but can’t use them and when i scan for them nothing shows up.

Well, nothing will show until you load one into a song. Have you used the “add object” in the routing tab at song level?

I hate to leave you hanging, but it is nearly 2 AM here, and I have two different rehearsals in a few hours. Feel free to post any results, and I will check back when I awaken. Also, others may respond before I check back.



Hey Guys,

I’m not sure what’s going on with your machine but it sounds like it’s probably a config problem of some sort.

The best bet would be to send me a debug log and I’ll check it out:

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. Make sure the plugin path is configured as you think it should be (Tools -> Options -> Plugins -> Plugin Folders)
  3. Run a full plugin scan: (Tools -> Scan Plugin Folders (Full)) and wait for it to finish
  4. From the Tools menu, choose Open Settings Folder
  5. Close Cantabile

From the folder opened in step 4, send me the files log.txt, log-previous.txt, settings.json and plugins.json along with a note of where the plugins that aren’t being found are installed.

@Corky thanks for helping @Dark_Nite with this. :+1:


Definitely not a Cantabile bug. Thread tag removed.