Failed to create background rack

I keep getting this error message.

“Failed to create background rack. Cannot create a file when that file already exists.”

I don’t see a background rack in this folder - all I see are racks that I created.

Any help would be appreciated…

The BG rack should be in the location shown in options>file locations>background rack file

See if the file is there

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Coming back to the thread.

Still having issues. I looked in Options | File Locations and it didn’t include the actual filename (just had the directory). Unfortunately every time I select “Save Current Background Rack As…” C3 crashes.

Maybe Brad can chime in here with some ideas.

OK. Maybe I found a workaround.

I copied one of my existing rack files, saved it as BGRack, and then updated the Option to point to this file. I think this has solved the problem.

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