Fade in Leslie effect

Hi Guys, ive got Cantabile Performer, have set up an individual Kontakt Organ and have a Leslie by MDA effect id like to fade in and out using the modulation wheel on my M-Audio Code 61. Can anybody walk me through how to set this up please ?. So far i have the organ going through the leslie and then out the speakers but when i fade out the lesie the organ fades out too !

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve,

Route notes only from the controller to the organ.

That will stop the organ plug from recieveing to the CC messages from the mod wheel but still allow them to get to your Leslie plug. If you need to send volume swell to the organ you would have to include bindings to get that done because you set the organ route to “Notes Only”. It would look something like this …

You could add any other controls with more bindings so the main idea behind this method
is to separate the MIDI notes from the controllers.


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Thanks Dave, done that, then added a binding to the Leslie volume to the Modulation Wheel, but it still fades the organ out as well. Sorry, bit of a newb when it comes to trying anything outside my comfort zone. Could you walk me through it please



Can you post your routing page please, it may help figure it better before I explain. Or you can just post the Cantabile song file.


Hi Dave, thanks again for your help. Is this what you need ?

ALRIGHT NOW.cantabileSong (26.9 KB)

Yes Steve, Thanks, I had to step away I can take a look now and see if I can figure it out.


I looked at the song. Let me be sure of what you want to do because it affects the setup. You currently have the Kontakt organ audio out feeding to the Leslie audio in in series. The binding you made turns down the Leslie plugin gain as desired but since the organ goes through the Leslie it also turns down the organ volume. What you want, I think, is to have the organ clean (no Leslie effect) and when you dial the mod wheel in you add the Leslie effect to the organ sound you already have.

Keep everything in the song as is and simply add another stereo output from the organ plug so you can have a dry or non Leslie sound. Then you can balance your volumes between the two.

Like in this snapshot example I made from your song.

What you have now is a parallel mix of the dry organ and leslie effected organ you process you have the volume control on.

I think this is what you were after but let me know if it’s wrong. We will get it figured :grin:


That looks great Dave, will give it a try later and get back to you. Thanks mate

Thats done it Dave :slight_smile: . Only thing that i found different to what you say was to bind the Mod wheel to the Leslie volume not the Output Port volume like you showed. Thanks again mate, i think i`ll be using that a lot lol

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I think it makes more sense to use the wet/dry control for the respective plugin (colored blue in the picture), because this way it is possible to have only wet signal when needed, while using the other method adjusting the volume sliders, there will always be dry signal present if adjusting only the volume of the rotary plugin.

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Thanks for posting that Boyan, it is a better solution to be sure!


Thanks guys, will give that a go too :+1: