Fab filter ProQ-3 Randomly Not Saving State

So just recently purchased Cantible and still getting the hang of things. However, I noticed that my EQ curves in Proq3 dont always save even when Cantible prompts me to save my state.

I am using Proq3 in a embedded rack. Even if I save a Proq3 preset Cantible will load Proq3 with the correct preset name but the curves are not correct. I have to manually reload the Proq3 preset upon every open.

The odd thing is, that this is intermittent. Sometimes it saves my filters.

What is even more odd is that if I make curve changes, copy the plugin, and paste a second instance into the rock beside the original instance, the pasted instance will not have the notified curves.

Any help?

Welcome to Cantabile!

I don’t run Fabfilter (Proq3 takes me to Fabfilter.com), but have had the same issue with an Arturia Synth. The problem was the Synth code and the issue was fixed with the next Arturia update. Your instance may be different, but Fabfilter support forum might have some comments, too. In the forum, there were some comments about some DAWs cache default settings overwriting setting when I quickly searched “save presets.” Also same problem with Bluecat’s Patchwork rack.

I’m sure someone else in the Cantabile forum will chime in if they have a solution!

Hi Mark, welcome to forum.

Using the “preset model” option could fix the problem. Try the Entire Plugin Snapshots.
More info here.

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