External USB ASIO and WASAPI?


So what I want to do is route specific audio out to my A&H Zedi10 Mixer. Has Asio USB four outs of it’s own.

I am gigging solo and I want separate bass, drums and then other instruments to go three separate amps.

I can get two out of the A&H but I was wondering if I could also use the WASAPI driver to go out the laptop audio out port?

Unfortunately the A&H while having four USB outs can only direct these to two channels on the mixer.



So you want to use the A&H’s ASIO ports in parallel to your laptop’s audio output via WASAPI?

Unfortunately, that won’t work - Cantabile will run either in ASIO or in WASAPI mode.

You might try ASIO4ALL - some users have been successfull running multiple parallel audio interfaces through ASIO4ALL. Your mileage may vary though - can’t guarantee that ASIO4ALL will work with your A&H mixer and that running two parallel audio interfaces through it won’t result in sync glitches.




Thanks Torsten - I sorta had a hunch it wouldn’t, just wanted to make sure there was no “sneaky” work-arounds that were guaranteed reliable. As you write, the syncing might be an issue and when playing live that would be a no-no!


What you’d need is this which at one point I did have a proof of concept working. I’d like to finish it, but I’m concerned it would open a can of worms and I’ve got more important things at the moment.


I cannot see how there’d be any worms at all Brad…Brilliant idea imho! fwiw you could not bring it on soon enough hahaha!


Also, just in case some are wondering what benefits this would bring? Well for one it would allow a separate “out” so one could run a bass patch out to a bass amp without sacrificing a stereo feed. IE panning to allow the separate bass.

For example, if you check the Roland FA-08 it has a mono out that does exactly that. It is totally apart from the main L/R outputs. Be really handy for solo giggers like me that like to play their own basslines!