External Level Control

Is it possible to use the level controls in the songs and states to control the sounds from an external keyboard? Or if not, could this be a possible upgrade?

I use a Yamaha MX61, and still use some of the sounds from that keyboard, but at the moment the volume of the MX sounds is independent of whatever settings have I have made in the song states. I want to be able to keep them balanced with the multitude of vsts.

You can either send MIDI volume/expression commands from Cantabile, or have the external keyboard’s audio come into Cantabile via your audio interface’s audio inputs, and handle the audio volume from input to output - choices, choices…

A third choice would be to bring the external keyboard’s audio into an audio interface that has some form of direct monitoring, such as Focusrite and RME interfaces.

You can then turn the sound around and send it back out, controlling the level and mixing it with other audio from your computer, with almost no latency … a real plus for the latency-conscious.

Thanks for the answers. I will have to think it through - at the moment my laptop and MX61are connected through the USB midi connection so all the audio from the vsts goes through the usb connection. I believe that the MX61 acts as a USB Audio interface.

I also have a Behringer FCB1010 foot controller, connected using 5-pi midi connectors to a usb hub to accomodate a usb mouse dongle as well. I have now got to work out where into all this I place a usb audio interface, which would normally use the usb b connection. Is there such a thing as a 5 pin midi hub I could use?

Secondly, on the Cantabile routing page the connection for the external keyboard is shown, but there are no sliders for setting the volume controls, which is the issue I am trying to address. So how do I send midi volume control messages, for setting the volume level for each state? It is an area I have not addressed before.

After looking and thinking further, there is the problem that my audio out to the pa is from the MX61, so the audio from the laptop goes via the usb midi into the MX61 and on to the pa, with the two signals being mixed by the keyboard. I may have to look at the various outputs can be separated via midi channels, but this is all before it finally comes out of the audio output. I am not sure if it is possible to separate the two signals.