Expression Pedals and their Pot Values

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Over at Harmony Central, someone made a thread posting all the potentiometer values of various pedals. Find that thread and add to it (and perhaps this one) if you know of any more.

Here are the ones they have found so far:

Bespeco VM18L - 20k
Boss FV-500 - 10k linear (expression pot)
Boss EV-5 - 10k linear
Boss EV-7 - 10k linear (“extra range” pot adds up to 50k ohms)
Boss FV-50L - 50k linear
Ernie Ball VP jr. (active) - 25k log
Ernie Ball VP jr. (passive) - 250k log
Korg EXP-2 - 50k linear
Kurzweil CC-1 - 20k linear
Line6 EX-1 - 10k linear
Mission EP-L6 - 10k linear
Moog EP-2 - 50k linear (reducable)
M-Audio EX-P - 10k linear
Pigtronix EP-1 - 20k
Proel Volume Pedal - 100k linear
Roland RV-5 - 10k linear
TC Electronic X1 - 25k log
Yamaha ep-1 20k
Schaller f 121 volume pedal 100k
QUIKLOK VP26U is Switchable 10K or 50K
Mission Engineering Inc EP-1 Expression Pedal 10k