Expression Pedal Auto Fader

Hi Everyone,

I saw a request for this on the forum so I pared down my big design to this more focused rack. This particular rack is for auto fading MIDI CC11 from a controller pedal giving a smooth taper to the event. To use it you route your keyboard with the expression pedal to the rack MIDI In. Inside the rack the CC11 is separated out and routed through the auto fader workings inside the rack and then recombined with the notes and other controller data and sent to the MIDI Out port of the rack. I works in line between the VSTI and the regular MIDI input. It simply auto fades from 0 to 127 MIDI up and down at the speed you set it to.

The time is adjustable by opening the rack and changing it with the different media players file choices and the speed control on the media players themselves. You can save presets by making new rack states and storing them if you have more than one fade speed in mind. These are the only adjustment controls for the rack.

Pedal Auto (22.9 KB)

Install the rack and the folder with the MIDI files in the same directory. I use my ‘Racks’ directory or folder.




OH… AWESOME! :smiley: Thanks so much! I’m sure I’ll be using this today while rehearsing and tomorrow during performance. Very, very cool!

Hi Tim, @Synchrony

Just a note to say I forgot to include the folder with the calibrated MIDI files in the zip so I re-posted the zip file with this material included. Re Download the zip file and install the rack and the folder with the MIDI files in the same directory.

Thanks for your interest and hope it is useful!


Thanks again, Dave! I used it today and it worked like a charm. Excellent work! My leg thanks you too. :wink:

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Good to hear Tim, glad to help out! If you would just out of curiosity, what time settings worked for you on your media player settings in the fader rack?



I need to play with that more, but I used the 30 second timer and sped it up. I generally need about a 10-15 second fade. I need to play with the curves more to get a smoother fade. It seemed like it took a while before the fade started and it also seemed to speed up at the end. I’m sure it’s all about the curve. It worked fine, though.

The fade won’t begin until you pedal over halfway past MIDI value 64. It acts like a switch so press it all the way down and back quickly and the fade will start right away.