Exportar Marcadores de media player a otro ordenador

Hola soy nuevo en este forro, no así con Cantabile, con el que ya llevo mas de 7 años.
Trabajo en mi ordenador de mesa en mi home studio y necesito exportar los marcadores de la pista de Media Player al ordenador portatil que llevo al escenario, de la misma manera que exporto las Song List u otros parametros.

Hi Luis and welcome to the forum.

The common language here at the forum is English - better if you ask your question in English. Not only will you get better answers (more users understand your questions), but also more members will be able to follow the conversation and benefit from it.

If you struggle with English, I suggest https://www.deepl.com for automatic translations.



Hello, I am new to this forum, but not to Cantabile, which I have been using for over 7 years. I work on my desktop computer in my home studio and I need to export the markers from the Media Player track to the laptop that I take on stage, just like I export the Song List or other parameters. Thank you.

Opera’s Aria AI did a pretty nice translation as quickly as selecting the text. :slight_smile:
Luis, it looks as if you need to export a MIDI file from Cantabile, and I’m not sure that’s possible.
Luis, parece que necesitas exportar un archivo MIDI desde Cantabile, y no estoy seguro de que eso sea posible.
(Does it work well enough the other way?)