Export Plug-In parameter list/settings as text file?

Is there a way to do this?

Use case: I have two plug-ins which replicate Oberheim synths. OP-X Pro II and Obxd. OP-X Pro II has a problem with displaying presets whereas Obxd doesn’t. I would like to use Obxd to recreate some of the presets in OP-X Pro II and it would be useful to have a text file to compare the parameter settings to work out some sort of mapping.

Any thoughts?


Hey Derek,

I hope I don’t regret this because I don’t normally just add features without a bit more thought this but this seemed trivial and required no UI changes. Next build will include this:



Wow!!! That’s fantastic!

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Excellent! I guess time will tell how well it works and how useful it is.

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This is available now in build 3547.


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Installed and works perfectly so far! Thanks a million!!