Exclude from Cantabile iZotope Vsts


IZotope’s Vst3 plug-ins make Cantabile crash! Is there any possibility to ban all iZotope Vsts in Cantabile without having to remove them from my general Vstplugins directory (which is used for other software such as my DAW)


Just don’t load them, problem solved. :wink: But, you can also move them to the “hidden” area on the insert plugin box…left panel at the bottom. It will not affect their folder location. Select plugin, check the hidden box at bottom right. Hit OK. I am personally not having those issues with IZotope’s Vst3 in Cantabile.


Hi @reidid789

What build of Cantabile are you running? I seem to remember making some changes that I thought fixed some of these issues with iZotope.



Thanks Corky, je dois vraiment lire la doc!
Brad, I have Cantabile Solo Version 3.0 Build 3641 64b.
Neutron 2 and 3 Advanced always causes Cantabile to crash (and my Samplitude Pro X4 suite) when I try to remove it from a song. So I’m going to get all iZotope out of Cantabile but without having to remove it from Programs / Common Files / VST3. Hence my question on your site.
Thanks for your help,
Didier from France


J’espère que vous comprendrez. Marquer ces fichiers comme cachés les gardera dans les dossiers d’origine, mais ne sera pas visible dans Cantabile. Excusez mon faible français.




Merci Corky, j’ai tout compris et essayé, c’est parfait.
Ton français est excellent, rien à voir avec mon anglais.
Bonne musique


Hi @reidid789,

You might find the latest experimental builds fix some of the issues with these plugins.

In any case, @Corky’s suggestion of hiding them is probably your best bet.



Izotope has an incredible latency. I would not advice it for live usage.


Hi Brad, Hi Godly,
I asked iZotope the question and here is the answer:

Apr 16, 12:13 PM EDT
Thanks for reaching out to us! Sorry for the troubles here!
Because those hosts are not supported by RX, unfortunately that can happen. If you need to use those hosts your best bet is to stick with the VST2 versions as they tend to be a bit more stable in unsupported hosts and you shouldn’t lose anything by using those instead of the VST3 ones!
Please let me know if you have any questions!

I only use Vst2 from iZotope and only in my DAW for effects or mastering. I agree with Godly, I no longer use them in Cantabile. That’s why I’m going to hide them in Cantabile. Can we hide them in packages and not in a unitary way?



Not at the moment, but seems like something that might be reasonably easy to add. I’ll look into it, but in the meantime it’s one at a time.

Logged here.


Ok Brad!
I asked the question because iZotope represents about sixty plug ins! And in addition when I hide a plug in I return to the main Cantabile window§
Thanks in advance Brad


I’ve already implemented multiple selection hide/show for the next build. In the meantime you shouldn’t need to go back to the main window each time. Just select one at a time and click the hidden check box.