Examples of using "Triggers"?

I would be interested in hearing how other users are utilizing the Trigger feature. Torsten posted a little while back about using it to set the volume level of a plugin when a song is loaded. Other uses?

Hi Lee,

some other uses in my current setup:

  • send MIDI program changes to my (external) VoiceLive processor to select a specific vocal sound for each song (or sometimes even per song part)
  • Combine a Binding (to a custom trigger) and a trigger to do some funny things (send a sysex string on a key press, e.g. to remote-control a light controller)
  • start transport playback for a couple of seconds at the beginning of a song to make sure that an external delay is tempo-synced (it needs MTC to sync to song tempo, which is only sent during playback)
  • sending all kinds of other controller data to some of my racks, like CC1 (modulation) to make sure that my e-piano tremolo is at the right level, or CC11 to my hammond rack to be sure that my VB3 is at full volume (or low volume) at a certain point in the song, or send cc1 to my hammond rack to control leslie speed at the beginning of a song
  • overall: initializing all parameters that I manually control with sliders on my masterkeyboard. To make sure that nothing remains of my wild fader movements during the previous song, I usually initialize all suspects with useful values. Otherwise I might be surprised why my string layer is suddenly so loud at the beginning of a song (just because I pulled it up at the end of the previous one)

In short: all kinds of initialization messages to make sure my equipment (virtual and external) is in the right state to start a song. The kind of stuff I used to scribble on my leadsheets (“blues organ sound, leslie on slow, string layer on but low”)

Hope this helps!




Hi Lee,

Another common use of triggers to launch external programs like sheet readers and video players etc… they can as Torsten said be used with bindings to solve other strange problems.


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