Ex mainstag-er need help


Hello there.
On mainstage you can have for example two keyboards, and to route them on separate audio outputs. Both keyboards can play live using different sound samples and have ability to have different audio outputs.
Can we do that on cantabile?



Sure! Nothing could be easier. :slight_smile:

You can do everything in Cantabile that you could also do in MainStage… and 1000 things more.


Hi Mladen,
You can configure Input and Output Ports (Stereo or Mono) under Options.
Then you can route your VSTs accordingly.



Cool. :pray:
What about using kontakt from native instruments?
This is my “complicate approach”:
I usually use several different “preset” per concert.
For first 5 songs(lets say preset 1), we use two kontakt libraries, as I sad, at the same time. Both instruments(keyboards and drums) are having different audio outputs.
Then, we switch to another “preset” , where we recall some other sounds for keys and drums.
Is it easy to change those stuff, in this case, presets?
On a fly?



Yes, yes, yes. Cantabile has Songs, Song States, Racks, and Rack States. Routes are like virtual wires that connect either Audio or MIDI devices. Racks contain VST instruments. I use Kontakt (Komplete) and so do many others here. There are special ways to set up Kontakt so that it won’t load samples except once when the program starts.

Think of Racks as hardware synths. You set up the VSTs and any effects, and create a Song State that functions as a patch on a hardware synth. Then you load up the Racks, pick the Rack States (patches) and you have your song. You can use Song States for example, to have piano VST for verses and organ VST for chorus. I don’t know what the actual limit is to either of these, but it very large.

There are excellent tutorials by Brad (the developer) and several forum members.

That was a very quick high-level overview.


Start here:

Once you’ve gotten used to the Cantabile “Vocabulary” and have tried a few things, search the forum for “Kontakt”, or reach out again for how to make Kontakt work well.

BTW, you will want the paid version. You will want all of the capabilities, and money goes straight to Brad who works day and night making Cantabile great!