Ever Have A Problem Drummer?

Ever Have A Problem Drummer? Could it just be you?

Drummers & Keyboardists Be Like…


I am the angry controlling keyboardist at the end. I even went to our drummer and told him I’d like to remove his toms and crashes for practice in order to help him sound less like a backyard beer party drummer. My statement to the drummer is, “If YOU are having fun, your band mates and audience probably aren’t.” Or I will stop a song during practice, and say to our drummer, “Did what you were doing sound good to you?” If he says , “sure did,” then I say, “it’s one thing to play poorly, but it’s pathetic if you don’t even know it!” Mind you, I am a mediocre keyboardist, but I feel better pointing the finger.

My brother is a desired drummer in LA and lives in Chattsworth. He is very, very good. And busy, Which ruins it when I hear other drummers.


I took drum lessons so I would know when I’m being BS’d by one. Problem is I got hooked :smile: There is a drummer on YouTube who’s advice I like, Nate Smith of the 80/20 Drummer channel. His latest lesson set is titled “Kill Your inner Beginner”. The advice is don’t do something until you can do it and stay in time. Pretty simple advice many non pro drummers fail to follow.

That’s good advice for anyone most of the time, unless you’re in a situation where going for it and maybe being wonky and outside is ok.

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