Eventide H3000 Factory sale (H3000 Band Delay also) plus 48-mo. Financing at Sweetwater

Since so many of us use synth emulations, I thought I should mention this low-CPU hit wonder.
Sweetwater is doing a 48-month financing deal as well, so it comes to $2/month for either or $4/month for both.
I splurged for both!





Sure, he’s using the hardware unit, but it should give you an idea.

I am tempted terribly by this tool!

Oh my…
I now have a Synclavier and nearly every other piece of gear I wanted in the 80’s but didn’t have, all in my PC. I’ll have to get this to add to my collection.

I’m surprised no one has an SPX-90 or SPX-90 II in VST form (or maybe they do.

I’ve had much of the Eventide stuff for sometime now, and paid a lot more than that for it. :smirk: I highly recommend their plugs. I really like the H949 Dual Harmonizer. I’ve used it many times on Guitars and Vocals.