Eventide Black Hole Reverb Flash Sale - $29


Obviously capitalising on the Black Hole now seen news

… you can get Eventide Blackhole Reverb for $29 for a limited time instead of $199. An absolute bargain at that price.


Black Hole is indispensable! One of my favorite plugs. Even in places where you would think it would be ridiculous overkill it seems to add a wonderful ambient wash way off in the background somewhere.


It is a most excellent reverb, which is why I felt the need to point out the bargain :slight_smile:


Is Black Hole a good all around reverb for when a VST instrument needs reverb?


I use it a lot. Presets are interesting, but show you what it is capable of. I tend to tweak it to my needs.
I also use the Valhalla verbs. The Shimmer is great for ambiance.


Thanks - it seems like it’s my best bet for getting a great sounding reverb inexpensively. Just bought it.


+1 for Valhalla as well. Very light on CPU and sound great.


Thanks for the tip. Looks very interesting. Just bought it.


I don’t think I paid full price for it, but wish it had been $29! It is a total steal at that price.