Esc Key could cancel filter edits

Not sure if anyone else has been frustrated by this, but when editing a multi entry filter, it’s quite easy to mess up and find no way back to creating that maze of stuff that made sense on the way in but 5 minutes later leaves you glazing over and wishing you could grab a quick nap.
There’s no way to cancel all changes, notwithstanding a rather perishable ‘undo’ function.
Would anyone else find some benefit from ESC canceling all changes made since the editor was opened? With the prerequisite ‘Cancel all changes? Yes? No?’

Hi Adrian,

I like the idea but I know that it might have a conflict with the existing definition which is to exit the rack you are in. as long as there was a replacement hot key or a context or focus related fix for that I’d be good with it.



Maybe a new [File] or [Edit] menu item called “Abandon” or “Revert”?

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Hey Dave,
As it so happens, ESC does close a currently open filter window, so the definition is more along the lines of closing the currently focused window. ESC from a filter leaves any open rack alone, so no worries there it seems… the focus is purely on the Filter.

I understand that I’m asking for an exception to that rule, where using ESC to exit the Filter brings up a keep or lose changes type dialogue, but I’m not seeing any side effect as it currently stands, over and above making a unique response for the ESC key and the necessity to buffer its contents on opening.

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I quite agree with the OP, having run into the same problem where i accidentally change something in the filter window. I’d suggest @brad that the MIDI Filter dialog should just have OK and Cancel buttons, which would be consistent with how MIDI Route dialog is implemented.

This is a reasonable request, however I’m reluctant to tie it directly to the escape key. This is a modeless dialog and the changes are applied instantly (so you can test without having to close/OK the window first). Pressing escape in this context I think implies just “close the window” not “revert changes and close window”. This is why the button is labelled “Close” and not “Cancel”.

What if I just added a new “Revert” command in the Edit menu that undoes all changes since the window was opened.



Hey @brad - I’d be more than happy with a revert command in the edit menu if the crucial real-time operation of filters would be compromised by an ESC revert dialogue :+1:t2:

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Logged here.


Coming soon…


Nice! :+1:t2: