Error when trying to record

I’ve got around this problem by re-building my Recording Set, but it was still weird…

Got this error in 4168 tonight. I’m trying to record the output ‘Main Speakers’. No idea why I’m getting this:
Error 01

The folder mentioned is not the folder set in my recording options, which actually shows as C:\Users\mynamehidden\OneDrive\Documents\Cantabile\Recordings

Interesting you ran into this problem. I hit a similar issue in Cakewalk the other day. I’m thinking perhaps updates to Windows 10 might be to blame. Cakewalk wouldn’t save to a folder that existed with a similar message - we restarted Cakewalk and it did it again but when we manually navigated to the folder it let us save.

I’m more concerned that I wasn’t trying to record to that folder in the first place, not that it was denied. I had set the one I mentioned above in Cantabile’s options, so Cantabile should have been using that.

The setting in Options → Recorder is not necessarily the setting that’s used as it’s just the default for new recording sets.

The setting you’re after is this one:

which will take you here:

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Ouch. Thanks, @brad. I get it. Thanks for putting me straight on this. I had to scratch my head three times even so…

I have to say, then, that the ‘Recording Set Settings’ box in Options is a bit confusing. I didn’t read it as where the Recording Sets will be saved; I read it as the ‘defaults for a new Recording Set’. The Options dialogue looks identical to the ‘Recording Set Properties’ dialogue, yet the ‘Location’ field there has a completely different purpose, it seems.

I would have thought a better place to set the Recording Set file location would be under File Locations, and the ‘Location’ input field in ‘Recording Set Settings’ be the default output location for recordings.

Yes, I agree this is a little confusing and I’ll see if I can come up with something better, but to try and clarify:

  • The output location for the recording is whatever is set in the Recording Set Settings as shown in my above screen shot - not in Options.

  • The settings in Options control how new recording sets are configured by default. ie: when you create a new recording set, the values are copied from Options to the new recording set.

Make sense?


Not sure the second bullet is correct (as I understand it the ‘Location’ field sets where the Sets will be saved - it doesn’t get copied to the properties of newly create Sets)…

… but I trust your judgement. :o)

Made a short video to try and clarify.


I understand. So what defines where Recording Sets are saved?

When you create a new one it prompts you with a normal Windows file save dialog (see around the 0:57 mark in above linked video).

Which seems odd - I always want my Sets (as opposed to my recordings) saved in the same place every time, so being asked each time is superfluous. That’s why it would seem a good addition for the File Locations panel.

Hope I’m coming over as being genuinely interested in improving things, not simply being a PITA!

I’m not sure, and it might depend on your version of Windows, but…

That Save dialog remembers the last used folder. So, if you create a new recording and save to a particular folder then next time you do the same, the save dialog will default to the same folder as last time.

It probably does, but I’m talking about where Recording Sets are saved - not recordings.

Yes, so am I :slight_smile:

The prompt that appears at 00:57 in my video above, asking where to save the recording set remembers the last used directory.


I’ll drop this, because I’m becoming re-confused with each explanation!

Not sure where the confusion is coming from… I think it’s pretty simple:

  • The setting in the recording set settings defines where the recording files (.wav and .mid) file will be saved.
  • The location of the recording set file itself (.cantabileRecSet), is prompted for when creating a new recording set.


I just want to not be asked where my Recording Set is to be saved, because I never want that to change, but always be asked where I want my recording to go, because that will always be different.

But it’s no big deal. I’ll always muddle through.