Error starting build 3112 (x64)

Not sure if the problem is with my laptop, but this is the first version that has given me an error on startup. I have submitted a diagnostic report.

(The x86 version seems to start up fine. Also, I don’t have any MIDI devices or actual Audio Interfaces connected.)

Being a curious developer, I can’t leave well enough alone, so I did a little digging, and the error is apparently a System.IO.FileNotFoundException, and the “missing” file is apparently LedSmallGreen.png. I don’t know why the file can’t be found, since I see it in both the Dark.theme and Light.theme files (if I make a copy and rename them to *.zip).

I’m curious if anyone has seen any similar issue with the x64 version of Build 3112.

didn’t test anything at the moment but the installation seems to be ok

A quick update: My problem is probably related to the installation somehow. If I run the x64 installation of build 3111, the program will launch fine. Perhaps there is something different about the combined x86=x64 installation that my laptop has a problem with.

Hi Roland,

Thanks for reporting this.

The other change that happened with the universal installer is the Light theme was extracted from the executable to it’s own zip so it could be shared by both x86 and x64 (to help keep the size of the installer down). Perhaps something went amiss.

I’ve just put up 3113 - nothing’s changed here, but I’ll check it out for the next build.


Thanks Brad. Would it be possible to still offer the option of installing just the x64 or x86 version without installing both, perhaps during the installation? Personally, I plan to always use the x64 version, and would prefer not to install the x86 version.

Hi @Roland_Robertson

Took a look at this and figured it out … it’s because in your x64 settings.json you’ve got the resource folder set:

Since the default light theme resources aren’t in the executable anymore you need to have a complete theme otherwise you’ll get the error. I’ll put in some smarter fallbacks.

Probably, but given my crazy schedule right now it’s not a high priority - setups with options make things more complicated when it comes to updating to a new version (what happens if they choose a different set of options, or want to change the options etc…).


Thank you! Thank you!

That was indeed the issue, and editing the settings.json file resolved the issue. That’s what I get for trying to get a little too fancy with pre-release software.