Error messages on shutdown

When I shut down Cantabile 3 when using my current large setlist, I get the following sequence of error messages:

Clicking OK seems to dismiss them without drama. If I set up a clean setlist with one song and just one plugin, I don’t seem to get these. Any idea if they might be worth worrying about? I think they appeared after upgrading from an ancient (1.65?) version of jBridge to 1.74, but I can’t be certain.

Any thoughts on how I might be able to identify the cause?


Hi Neil,

Looks like a jBridge issue. I’ll forward it on.


Thanks Brad, much appreciated. I wondered if it might be…



I made a little change, could you let me know if this version solves this issue? :relaxed:

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Well it gets rid of one of the warning alerts :smile: The remaining one is: