Error code 13103. Failed to load or initialize audio driver

I just added an external sound card. It is an USB device, USB in RCA analogue out. Cantabile doesn’t make a sound no matter what driver I pick. when i pick the ASIO driver like the reccomend I get the error message. What should I do? Other programs play sound. Only Canatabile does not.

Which interface do you use?

Hi @Nobody,

Error code 13103 indicates that Cantabile failed to instantiate the driver. It’s the first thing Cantabile does when trying to load an ASIO driver and indicates most likely that the driver hasn’t been installed correctly.

There may be a more useful COM error code in the log file (Tools -> Open Settings Folder -> log.txt and search for “Failed to create ASIO driver”).

Does this driver work in any other programs that use ASIO drivers?


I have a Focusrite 2i2 and have a trouble ticket in for the same error. Their older driver works but the newest one doesn’t. I did a systems dump for them to help diagnose the error.

I will also check out the log.

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Strange… I have a Scarlett 8i6 and 6i6 and both work well.

I discovered that the audio driver setup went to default in Cantabile when the driver software was updated. Not what I expected.

I rebuild it and all was good. Not a driver problem, but the Driver (user that is)