Erase a Song From History

My wife and I invented a new game tonight and you all can play. As the title suggests, you can erase a song from history, but others get to point out any ramifications in the timeline- then you have to stand or change your answer. One entry per post until someone else goes. We start with:


(As far as we can tell, this is a two-fer; not only does the song never exist but the stupid theme restaurants go away too).

And the crowd chant “where’s the damn salt” also disappears. Erase it, but you will have a ton of other “sing along” drunk songs left…“I got friends in low places”, and many Irish and German drinking songs.

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Well, one at a time. And Garth doesn’t have a restaurant chain. I have another one to play but I can’t until someone else goes…

Ok. Green Tambourine. Although I doubt there will be any ramifications. :smirk:

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Elton John - Bennie and the Jets

I’m a huge Elton fan, but that song…

That would mean Elton never got on the R&B charts. Probably not a big timeline upset though.

I would like to make “I Will Always Love You” go away from the fabric of time.

Green Tambourine erased itself from history. Anyone know what major one hit wonder hit the guitar player went on to though? If you erase the Lemon Pipers hit you may erase it- which many would probably be eternally greatful for.

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Wait, RAMificitaions. You did know :smiley:

I Will Always Love you really made Whitney’s career, made the Body Guard (a terrible movie) into a hit, and made Dolly Parton an insane amount of royalties.


Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Yes I did!! Bartlett with Ram Jam.

“Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro.

“Unicorn”…not by the Irish Rovers…rather “Whispering” Bill Anderson. Had the Irish Rovers not made that song a semi-hit, I would never had to listen to Bill A perform it. Thus, I would have less wrinkles on my face from cringing everytime I accidentally heard it.


“Smells Like Teen Spirit”

No Seattle Bands, no Foo Fighters. No Pearl Jam. Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, or a thousand bands that dominated that period.

All true but I’m sticking with it. No Bodyguard is a fine thing and Whitney and Dolly would both have been fine anyway.

Going in a different direction - Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkries (ok, maybe have to include Gustav Holst’s The Planets too). Eliminate that and all those John Williams (and others) sci-fi soundtracks would be very different - if they even existed.

Very true! The spirit of the thing is supposed to be to nuke songs from history because they’re awful and history would be the better for it, damn the consequences. I know a lot of people that would wlillingly nuke Wagner but Holst- everyone loves Holst :wink:

Starship - We Built This City

Except Isao Tomita who had his incredible moog modular synth version of The Planets banned by Holst’s family after receiving wide acclaim in the electronic music world at the time … Oh and I’d lose the song ‘You light up my Life’ by Debbie Boone.

Oh god yes. Heck, go back and stop Miracles and maybe that would have done it. I know the Airplane had a moment here or there but I’d happily strangle them at birth (metaphorically speaking). And +1 for YLUML too. I don’t think anyone involved with the song or the movie had much of a career after that.

(I also kind of agree with the Holst estate on Tomita, thought that was a wimpy realization. Not something that should have been sued over though.)

Del Shannon’s Runaway - I absolutely detested that song in the first covers band I was in. Probably a few more from that set list I would add if I could as well…

No scratch that, it must be Amarillo - when that was the only song we learnt in 2005 (thanks to Peter Kaye) when we could have Been doing things like the Killers or Scissor Sisters amongst many others that was when I knew I had to get out of that band and form a prog band!