Entire Bank state behaviour

I was just wondering - since Cantabile 3 supports pseudo-presets (which represent an “entire bank” for plugins that just support a single preset per bank), is there ever a time when you absolutely need to use “Entire Bank” state behaviour?

The only situation I can think of where it might be useful is where you want to use a plugin set up some way but don’t want to store a (pseudo-) preset for it; for example EQ/reverb plugins, where every time you use it you tweak it as required, but you’re never likely to want to use it with the same settings elsewhere, so storing a preset wouldn’t be useful.

I use “Entire bank” for some plugins that only support one preset per bank, as a result of migrating all my setups from Cantabile 2. So I’m just wondering if I should move over to using pseudo-presets and “Selected Program” instead.



That’s really it. It’s also a far faster save procedure if the Automatically Update States (That’s a lot of letters! AUS from now on, and geographically appropriate for @brad ) is switched on.

I can’t seem to get OP-X II Pro to work without specifying Entire Bank.Otherwise, I get the default patch. Similar problems with Korg M1.

I also need to use entire bank setting for most of the Arturia plugins (at least the V2 ones).