EnterBeachBourbonMode(); Sleep("2 weeks"); Resume();


Hey Guys,

Starting tomorrow I’m going on holidays with my family for a couple of weeks. I might check in here occasionally and I’ll be monitoring email support enquiries, but other than that I’ll be in full beach and bourbon mode.

In the meantime, the current builds of Cantabile are stable. This week I’ve focused on 35xx and all known issues (except one - see below) have been fixed. But I’ve thought that before and it wouldn’t be wise to mark it stable before disappearing for a bit.

The main outstanding issue with 35xx is the problems with the Roland Cloud plugins. I’ve followed up with Roland a couple of times now and while they acknowledge the issues their response about time frame and whether they’re actually looking at it are fairly cryptic - they “cannot confirm that they’re not looking at it” - what ever that means. If not addressed in the next couple of weeks I’ll put in some hack workarounds and move on.

As for OS X port - this is starting to come together. I’ve been working on the audio engine and all its dependant libraries (mpg, flac, rubberband etc…) which are all now building on OS X. The midi and audio interface parts are stubbed out, but I think I’m really close to running all the UI on OS X.

Anyway, sun, sand and surf beckons - back soon.

:sunny: :beach_umbrella: :sunglasses:



Now I really hate you Brad (jealous) :disappointed_relieved:

Can I go? :weary:

Have a great time :sunglasses:


Enjoy your well deserved break, sir.


Cheers!!! Have a great time.


At least he’s enjoying some good corn liquor. Not as good as the local stuff though me thinks. I still haven’t found that truck I misplaced! lol :thinking:

Enjoy Brad!


Have a great sojourn; you deserve it! :slight_smile:


I think I deserve it too, but I have to admit that you probably deserve it more. Enjoy the beach, the bourbon and you family!


Enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation!



I’m back! Thanks everyone for kind words. Had a great time and ready to dive back in… starting with a lot of emails to be answered. Bear with me while I catch up - it’s probably going to take a couple of days.


Welcome back and great to hear you had a good holiday!