Enntec open dmx

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I’m trying to figure out a couple of things before spending money needlessly, currently for a very basic light show, 4 dmx lights, I use a rockforce 384 with midi input. Running a midi track through cantabile I have it working OK, but I would like to get as compact a system as possible, it looks like I could do the same job with the Enntec open dmx box, and probably use the same the same midi track by assigning the notes to the same colors in dmxis.

Any thoughts or advice on this.

Thanks Doug

See if this will help:


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Hi, I cannot speak for Open DMX, but as per my guide linked to above by Corky, I have been using DMXIS for well over ten years to do light shows in Cantabile all synced to the backing tracks. It has been rock solid and you can do beat perfect light shows with it, which looks great on stage (I also can get a basic sync with a video laptop as well, but that is a story for another day…)


Lots of good info there, and once i get the simple stuff figured out I want to do more with the lights . I dragged out my old m audio trigger finger and can play a lighting track and record it in cakewalk.

Learning lots here

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