Enable/Disable Audio Ports from Monitor

Dear Brad,

Can we have the “Enabled” option

as a right-hand-click option on the port in the Monitor tab?

… just a thought! :slight_smile:

The problem with that is that disabled ports aren’t shown in the monitor - so you could disable them but not bring them back (at least not without going into options).

Is there a specific reason for needing this?

Hi Brad.

At home practising I like stereo headphones and on stage I want to switch to mono. I haven’t found a quick way of doing this without going into the options (unless I’m missing something?). So it’s only a trivial request 'cos I’m being lazy!


I have a similar scenario, and while I’m sure there are other (likely better) solutions, this is what works for me.

I created a special rack, called GlobalOutput (of course, you could name it anything) that only has an Audio path containing only those audio effects that I want on EVERY song, such as EQ, compression, or a slight reverb. The output of this rack is set to either the Mono or Stereo Audio Port, depending on the situation.

Then this Existing Rack can be added to each song, setting the songs’s audio out to this rack instead of the system-wide Audio Port.

Admittedly, this does add a little set up work to each song, and you must remember to go into this GlobalOutput rack when switching from Mono to Stereo and back, but at least you only have one place to go to make the change. (No change needs to made to each song, just to this GlobalOutput rack.) It is especially worth it to me, since this is where I can put any global effects that should always be applied to every song.

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Yup - I too have a common output rack for the same purpose. I created mono and stereo outputs on this rack - and this works - but I kind of want to send the audio back to the song because that feels cosmetically right. And even this isn’t as quick as toggling a control on the main interface…

Perhaps they could be “ghosted” when disabled so they’re still there for re-enabling? Sorry - I may be asking for too much here! It is far from essential!