Enable/disable a route through bindings?

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I normally keep the top two octaves for organ sounds, and the rest for piano, works fine until I play a solo and need a little more room for the piano. I either considered giving up on the lower octave and transpose the piano, but I wanted to see if it was possible to disable the route to the organ and at the same time enable a second route to the piano with the upper octaves + plus a little more volume, and wanted to use a binding for that. But I can not find any suitable target, the only way I can find to disable/enable routes are through the UI, which will not work during a song.

Any suggestions highly appreciated.

Hi Torsten,

As far as I know you can point at the the enable/disable icon on the route and right click and it will let you make a binding target for it. While creating the binding you can give it a chosen name that makes sense and it will appear as a choice in the target list of the bindings area. Would this correct your problem?




I had tried right clicking a lot of other places, but not on the icon. Thanks a million, that was exactly what I was asking for. And I kind of expected that Cantabile could do it - and also that some of all these brainy users knew how to do it.

Combined with the newly discovered way to use the transport buttons on my SL Mixface this is going to be awesome, I am very happy.

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If you want to use song states for that (instead of using bindings, as @dave_dore outlined above), you can do this easily by setting the “enabled” check box for the route in the State Behavior box:


Now you can enable/ disable the route per song state.