eMedia Keyboard and Piano Method

Having been trying to use eMedia Keyboard and Piano Method with cantabile, but I am unable to sync both so that I can use Cantabile to play the exercises in the eMedia method. Any bright ideas out there?

Hi Justiniano

it looks like this eMedia Method is a stand-alone software that accepts MIDI input to analyze your playing and generates audio output for video and backing. At the same time, Cantabile captures your MIDI and output ports for you to play virtual instruments - both compete for the same resources.

So, to bring this together, you’ll need to

  • share your audio output between Cantabile and the eMedia Method - look at Voicemeeter to do this. @terrybritton is our resident Voicemeeter guru and can help here
  • feed MIDI from Cantabile on to eMedia using a virtual MIDI cable - use loopMidi to create a virtual route between Cantabile (create a loopMidi output port and route your keyboard input to that port) and eMedia (use the loopMidi input port within that program). This should allow you to send MIDI data from Cantabile to eMedia Method

Now the two programs should be able to co-exist peacefully…




Thank you, Torsten, but I must have done something wrong because it did not work. Are you able to provide a step by step instruction?. Thanks, Justiniano

Unfortunately no, since I don’t own this eMedia Piano Method software.