Embedded VST view


I would like to discuss the possibility to have a VST View “embedded” into Cantabile (rather than being in its own floating window).
For example, we could have the following views in the main panel: Show Notes / Routing / Bindings / VST.

I will be honest with you, my idea here is to design my own VST with Cabbage Audio https://cabbageaudio.com/ (or something similal) to have a very customized layout.
Ideally, I would put a unique instance of my “Cantabile assistant” plugin in a linked rack, which would be in charge of widgets display (and eventually interaction as I have a touch screen), scripting with CSound, more capabilities than the current Show Notes display, and some audio/effects (obviously as a VST).

I realize the veterans here use a Web UI but I believe I could achieve more with this approach.

I also realize there should be some rules to determine which VST is dsplayed.

  • There could be a mode where if you open a VST, it is displayed in its own window (current behavior) Maybe we could right click on the VST “Open in embedded view”.
  • There could be a mode where if you open a VST, it is displayed in the embedded VST, switching automatically to the embedded VST view. Maybe you could detach it later, or right click “Open its own window”.
  • There could be a possibility to assign a specific VST to the embedded VST view, maybe as a Song/Rack setting with precedence.
  • Maybe there could be another mode to have this view on an extended display (veterans here seem to use tablets as a remote screen)

Does it sound like a can of worms? I know I could do something bad, performance wise, with my VSTs, but any VST can do something bad already and the hosting is already here (doh!) and a rather good sandboxed environment.
All of this is not really new of course, as other hosts mainly relay on embedded views.

Wishing the best to all during those times!

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Hi Le Heros,

So, an option to embed VST GUI like in Cantabile 2 … Sounds good to me for some applications like this one where the GUI is custom sized by the developer to fit in this scheme in advance.


Oh! I didn’t know this was part of Cantabile’s history :slight_smile:

Yea, a blast from the past coming up

from the Cantabile 2 manual …


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The reason Cantabile doesn’t currently do this (besides the fact I haven’t implemented it) is related to hidpi support. With Windows 10, hidpi is enabled on a per-top-level window basis and can’t easily be changed - so it introduces all sorts of complexities when trying to embed different resolution windows within each other.

Well that’s how it used to be. I believe later versions of Win 10 allow having resolution scaling on nested windows but I’ve not investigated it to see how well it works.


Hi Brad

Thank you for chiming in!
If this can help, here is the behavior in VIP:

  • The plugin is displayed with the same apparent size whether in high-DPI or not (I don’t think there is any configuration about high-DPI settings anywhere), be it embedded or floating.
  • The embedded view allows two-fingers scrolling, although this sometimes does not work (especially horizontally)
  • There is no attempt from the host to offer zoom capabilities, which is fine to me. Some plugins (Arturia) have zoom settings on their own.

I can perform better tests/screenshots and report if needed.
Maybe on other hosts if they have trial versions as well.