Embedded Racks in Cantabile Lite

Cantabile Lite now supports embedded racks!

Racks let you organize the plugins in a song into self contained units. eg: combine your favourite instrument and effect and group it into a single unit.

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Blockquote Solo and Lite don’t support linked racks but you can re-use racks across songs by copying them:

  • Use copy/paste — right-click on the rack in the song and select “Copy” and then paste in the other song.
  • Exporting racks — open the rack and choose File -> Save Rack Copy As… to export the rack to a separate file. Then insert in the target file by choosing Add Object -> Embedded Rack (From File).

I’m on Solo, but I cannot see the second option. There is no “Save Rack Copy As” in the menu, just “Save Song Copy As”.

What am I doing wrong?


The “Save Copy As” command changes according to where focus is. If you’re in a song it’ll say “Save Song Copy As”. If you’re in a rack it’ll say “Save Rack Copy As”…

ie: The “Save Rack Copy As” command only appears when focus is in a rack.

You are right!!

I was convinced that I had the rack focused!!

thanks! :+1:t3: :+1:t3: