Elgato Stream Deck +

Too few buttons for me, but might be a good option for many:
Stream Deck +

I assume @brad will need to do some work to the plug-in to support those knobs?

Wow, that looks really nice… might have to put in an order.

It has too few buttons for my liking, but… if you need a beta tester I’m in! Let me know and I will place my order.

Wow, that does look tempting. If Brad makes his plugin work with it, I’d fall right off the fence!

It looks a decent step forward.
There are complaints in the Amazon reviews that the knobs don’t do MIDI. Other complaints are the relatively small number of buttons and the fixed angle of the stand.

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Valid complaints, if true.

Not being able to translate the knobs to MIDI is a huge black mark for the likes of us. If true it’s a great shame, and clearly shows that Elgato still haven’t recognised the SD’s value beyond ‘streamers’.

The tiny number of buttons is the one thing that stopped me buying this straight away.

I believe the earlier version of the 15-button SD came with a stand that had a few angles, but I’ve never used the stand - I velcro my SD to my lower keyboard.

Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but the Stream Deck + (the one with rotary controls) is now supported by the midi plugin over at Trevligaspel.

I am busy building my own Profiles for Cantabile in Stream Deck. Happy to share later if anyone wants :slight_smile:


Hoorah! Now it’s looking a more attractive proposition.

Definitely interested to see what you come up with.

(Still not enough controls for me, but I live in hope of an XL version.)

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It’s great to see the SD+ getting some MIDI love.
I’m in the same boat re number of buttons.
I’ve just laid out the most useful controls for recording MIDI in Reaper, on an X-Touch Mini.
The number of controls gets silly quickly, especially if you don’t want to use paging or modifier keys.
The push encoders on the Elgato can send different CC when pushed, but I like the look of them being fine controls. No acceleration it would seem too.
12 buttons and 8 encoders would probably be a sweet spot.