Edit Output Channel Port dialog

When setting up audio outputs, I notice that in the Edit Output Channel Port dialog, when I hit “Add”, select the new assignment, and then open the Channel drop-down, I see duplicates, which presumably correspond to Left and Right channels. See image below. Is this intentional? It seems odd that for audio inputs you choose specific mono inputs, whereas for audio outputs you choose two identical looking stereo pairs. This is with a MOTU UltraLite Mk3 audio interface.


I don’t get that view Neil, mine shows individual choices numbered 1 thru 14 when I attempt the same move. Audient id22 interface.

Interesting. I’m seeing this on a MOTU UltraLite Mk3. I also saw it with my old M-Audio FastTrack Pro, before I threw it away…

I checked my NI Audio Kontrol One. It says output 1 through 4. Might be how some units report to system?

Hi Neil,

Those names come straight from the audio driver. If you load the same driver in Cantabile 2 or some other host you should see the exact same names - if not let me know.


Yes, confirmed on C2. Rather unhelpful of the driver developers, particularly for anyone not using these as stereo pairs!

Yep, although I’m wondering if some hosts use matching channel names to identify stereo pairs - I seem to remember seeing that somewhere, but can’t remember where.

Either way, Cantabile’s assignments should still work as the assignments are stored by channel index, not name.