Edit midi recordings

Hi friends,

It’s been few days I haven’t been in the forum.
I have a question for you: How do you edit your midi recordings in C3?

I try to do it using FL studio (as a daw, not as a pluginin C3), I can realign my recordings, quantize and so on… but when I want to read back in C3 the midifile that I’ve modified in FL… no sound appears… Only have the graphic with midi notes…
What is missing? are there any tick to check at the export? Have you got better alternative that works directly???

thank you all,David

Hi David,

Can you post the midi file for us to look at? It might help us figure it. There are 2 import types for MIDI files so that may be the problem but the file should tell us more.


I resolved a bit the problem by using an online midi editor!!
Online Sequencer - Make music online
Perfect to quantize, aadjust my midi recordings on the fly.

But something like this should be available in C3 to my mind.

For FL, I won’t loose my time with it… :slight_smile: I 'll try it later.
really thanx!!!

well, this online editor fucked up all the velocity notes
going back to FLmidi edit FL

I found what to do! It was there the problem was!!
Everything works fine!

But I would really like an option like a “little midi editor” as an update to cantabile. Could save a lot of time!!! Something as simple as possible … is it possible ??? or totally another world to integrate this