Easy way to apply Nano Control 2 sliders to plug in outputs

Now that I got the NanoKontrol2 to work with on my C4 laptop, I’m trying to find new/specific ways to control volumes and save them during rehearsal - not live during gigs (probably not initially at least).

During rehearsal or gigs, reaching for a mouse to adjust the volume of individual components. I have as many as 12 splits/layers depending on the song. This has been working very well, but the process of managing the volumes could be better for me.

Here’s the scenario:
I have a lot of songs in Cantabile, using linked racks and many states within the rack (for preset, volumes, etc.) . Ideally these would be consistent across plug ins (slider 1 would always be for the VPiano, Slider 2 for Kontakt, 3 for VB3, etc.).

I’ll play the song at rehearsal, adjusting the volumes of individual racks, save them as part of the song/song parts, and I should be “good to go” for the gigs.

If I bind the plug in gain inside the linked rack:
a. It still is available, but the change has to be saved in the rack, which requires unlocking it, etc.
b. I can only control one plug in inside the rack at a time. If the rack has multiple plug ins (e.g., an effect, etc.), I can’t seem to find a way to bind to the output port itself (see 2a above as that still has an issue).

If I bind to the rack gain on the routing page, it is assigned based on an individual song, and I need set it for every song.

Other things to try
I can’t find a way to actually bind to the output port on the song for overall volume, or the linked rack output for modifying multiple plug ins within the same rack (workaround: I could assign the same controller to multiple plug ins to make that work).

I’d love to have a “boost” function (using the solo button on the Nano) for solos.

It would also be cool to have a “glossary” (similar to the filters) to use for consistency.

Am I missing something more basic???