DXi instruments

Good morning everyone.

I know Cantabile is VST only, is there an easy way to utilize DXi instruments in Cantabile? I’ve seen talk about programs you can use as a “wrapper” or whatever, but haven’t been able to figure it out. I’d like to have the Cakewalk TTS-1 plugin available. I can do it in Reaper, but the Cantabile interface is so much better for performance stuff.

DXi is a really old standard now and I haven’t seen DXI instruments for many a year.

If you Google “DXI VST Wrapper” you get quite a few hits, but most are over a decade old. The youngest is from last year and is given below.


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You know, TTS-1 is seldom Best sounding thing I have, but it’s definitely fast and accessible. I’ll have to check this out.

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Xpand! 2 would be a newer, stable alternative without all the wrapping headaches.


Xpand2 isn’t free though. Looks like the best deal is $14.99. I’ve been buying stuff for Voltage Modular lately and I do have a Yamaha MU50… I like the TTS-1 because it has the Roland drum samples and some of the other ones.

Didn’t know you were looking for free stuff. At $14.99, it is virtually free. A lot of free drum samples better than the older Roland samples. Just avoiding the headache of DXi, and spending more time making music would certainly appeal to me, but that is just me. Good luck.

Derek’s link to the dxishell software works fine if you can get the install right and it’s free. I checked it with the old NI B4 Dxi.

  • add the dxishell.dll files to the vst folder you use
  • add the folder with your dxi in it to the plugin scan folders in Cantabile plugins options


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I agree . At 14.99 it is a gift!! It’s the old adage of paying the price for not paying the price. I like to keep my head clear for making music .