Drum pad controller question

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This is not necessarily a Cantabile question, but I do get good information here. I use an Alesis VI61 that has the 16 drum pads on the left side. I use that to play bass lines sometimes. I have a a few songs that have the dotted note/gallop rhythm. I looking for easy ways to play that live. I have tried using two fingers to trigger the pad on the edges. I have also set two pads next to each other with the same note and play both pads to get the the rhythm. The problem with the last method is that when I trigger the second pad it cuts the not of the first pad off. Any ideas?

It should be a pretty simple matter to set up whatever you’re using as a sound source to not re-trigger in a way that cuts the notes off, but how to do that depends on the specifics of your setup.

If you want to get fancy you could set up a delay on a dotted note with only one repeat so you only have to hit the pad on the beat and the delay supplies the dotted note…

In what software are you doing this? I lately started using old Battery 3 and there you can choose how to trigger.
Although i do miss the c3 trigger methode where you van on/off a pad. C3 is good for staying a sequence or sample to run but not rhythmic. C3 timing is unreliable.
Pity because i like the c3 function.

So a decent pad sample trigger would be handy. Pity that doesn’t exist IMO ?

Hi Sven,

I didn’t know about this, could you please give some detail behind this claim or examples of “unreliable timing”? Also, does Brad know about your observations regarding this issue?



Sure, Brad advices to use a sampler for this function.
I used the media player to trigger samples on my pads for the drums, but the latency is just not usable. Sometimes it’s ok sometimes, mostly the first time it is fired the delay is milliseconds to late, not usable live.
I tried switching to mp3 samples instead of wav because I thought it was the loading time, but that didn’t affect much.
Even though, in some songs, like Happy from Ferrel W I use it under my keys to trigger the choir and there it turns out ok.
But for drum samples or arp seq to run allong, it doesn’t work.

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Thanks again Sven, I understand now!


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@FredProgGH For example I might use Xpand! for the bass sound. I am not at my setup right now so I will fire it up later and check on the settings. I was not sure if there was a way to use midi filters to help.

I am also going to check the actual trigger settings on the Alesis unit itself.

@So_Godly on this track I am using Xpand!. Sometimes I use on of the bass vst like classis bass.