Doubt about Sysex

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Hi dear all.

Now I’m working with cantabile solo 64, Build 4050.

I try to use my akai MPK 249 with TRITON Vst.
My akai Only can sent change program with MSB and LSB, but, for use all the sound, is needed to change between Programs (solo sounds) and COMBI (staked sounds or 16 midi chanell)
But my AKAI can’t send sysex events.
So, I think in 2 solutions.

(based on data from triton midi implementation chart)

Mode change (22) (4E)
F0, 42, 3g, 50 Excl Header
4E Function
0000 mmmm Mode (*18)
F7 End of Excl
(Receives this message & data, changes the Mode, and transmits Func=23 or Func=24
When the Mode is changed by SW, transmits this message & data.
0 combi play
2 prog play

1.- I think , if is possible to use a controller switch, and then sent by toggle it the change between Prog and COMBI

2,. Since the akai store 64 different program changes (one by each of the pads, 4 banks with 16) if I can bind them in 2 groups and for example if the pad 1,3,6,9…etc are from prog mode, then sent the additional the sysex and for the others, then sent thesysex for combi mode
(Mey be this the more accurated way, but… I’m not expert for this)

But… at this time, really I don’t understand really how to add this on cantabile.

I will be eternally grateful for your help