Double precision 64b gives feedback?

I get a feedback from the double precision function. Is it something I forgot to setup?

Hey Sven,

You might try re-starting Cantabile after you change a big audio engine parameter like that one to see if the audio engine is nicer about the changeover. My interface makes those noises on buffer changes but corrects after a re cycle of C3.


Out of interest, why are you using 64-precision? I was under the impression that in most regular circumstances it could actually be detrimental to performance. I’d have to look all that up though.

That definitely seems like a bug but not sure if it’s in Cantabile or one of the plugins. I just tested here with Synth1 and Reaeq and couldn’t notice any problems. What exactly is that last plugin you’re using - “V Guitar”?

It could also be related to the preset in the songs you’re using and/or possibly also jBridge (are you running Synth1 as X86?)

What happens if you bypass reaeq and vguitar - does it still happen?

Also, please send me a copy of the song file and I’ll see if I can repro it.


It’s a pure synth1, but the x64 version Brad, so maybe that’s the problem. I’ll see if it happens on x86 also. It’s on Wasapi also.