Double patch changes

Hi guys.

I’m getting random double patch changes…

I’ve got an M-Audio momentary footswitch plugged into a Kurzweil PC-3K sending MIDI controller 66 via a binding in the background rack with the target Set List/Next Song or Part (Instant). At least once per show, it does a ‘double click’ and jumps a song part/song. Obviously this is not good. I’ve tried to make it do it but of course I can’t, and it’s not the pedal, because I’ve got a Roland one with a binding for Previous song or Part and that does the same thing, once in a while, randomly…

I’ve tried the different events, controller (switch), controller (button), and controller (no edge button) - can someone explain the difference between these?, But it makes no difference. As I said, it’s a random thing, it’s never the same song or Part it does it on but it’s causing issues in the show I’m currently doing…

Any thoughts?

Cheers in advance for any help…


Are you absolutely certain it’s not the switches themselves? I used to get this a lot, until I discovered the Boss FS-5U footswitch, which has never done it. I use one for all my patch changes at every gig/rehearsal and the only time I’ve had a double change has been when I know I’ve accidentally tapped it twice.

Another consideration - are you absolutely sure the cables for your pedals are in good condition, with no occasional glitches, or a slightly crackly socket?


I’m not 100% @Neil_Durant and that would have been my 1st thought had it not been for the fact that both my pedals were doing it… I’ll try buying a new one and seeing if that helps…


Controller (Switch) - treats > 64 as “on” and < 64 as “off” and when bound to an on/off setting (eg: plugin run mode, route enabled, recorder auto record) mirrors the setting of the external switch control.

Controller (Button) - treats > 64 as pressed and < 64 as released and only invokes the target when pressed. ie: the target will only be invoked when the value crosses from less than 64 to greater than 64.

Controller (No Edge Button) - treats any non-zero value as pressed and zero as released. Invokes the target on any non-zero value.


Thanks guys.

Turns out it was the pedal…

I had ruled it out as 2 different pedals were doing the same thing… Bought a Boss pedal and 3 shows down without a double patch change!