Doing market research in AI, it described these 80 markets for Cantabile

The only reason there are ONLY 40 is that is where I stopped asking (See below - I just asked for another 40 for a total of 80!!). I used, a private-label AI engine from Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula site that is built on ChatGPT. These prompts might produce comparable results. The “above content” mentioned was an AI generated video script of Derek’s guides from Cantabile Help section! (See related post.) Considering how primitive my prompts are, this is absolutely amazing to me.

User— 15 January 2024 — 07:26 pm

Please describe ten avatars the above content would be ideally suited for who would buy information products containing such knowledge.

Launchy— 15 January 2024 — 07:26 pm

The Gigging Keyboardist

A professional keyboard player who performs at live venues and requires a reliable system for managing virtual instruments and backing tracks. This individual is tech-savvy and always looking for ways to streamline their setup without compromising sound quality.

The Tech-Forward Guitarist

An innovative guitarist who incorporates MIDI controllers and effects into their performance. They’re interested in integrating a system like Cantabile to trigger synths and manage their complex signal chain.

The One-Person Band

A solo performer who uses backing tracks and multiple instruments to create a full-band sound. They need a system that can handle audio playback, live VST instruments, and MIDI control in a cohesive, user-friendly interface.

The Worship Music Director

In charge of music for a church with a contemporary service, this individual needs to manage multiple inputs and outputs for a volunteer band, often including backing tracks and click tracks for in-ear monitoring.

The DJ/Producer with a Live Twist

A performer who blends live production with DJ sets, looking for a robust solution to manage live synths, samples, and effects while performing.

The Theatre Sound Technician

Responsible for managing the complex audio requirements of live theater productions, this technician needs a reliable platform for triggering sound effects, background music, and managing live microphones.

The Touring Session Musician

A musician who plays with various artists on tour, needing a portable and flexible setup that can be adapted quickly to different artists’ requirements and stage setups.

The Music Educator

A teacher who instructs students in modern music production and performance, seeking comprehensive tools that can demonstrate the power of VST integration and MIDI control in a live setting.

The Cover Band Member

Part of a band that plays a wide range of music genres and needs to replicate many different sounds, this member is looking for a system to easily switch between patches and manage complex setups for each song.

The Experimental Composer

An avant-garde composer who performs live with unconventional instruments and setups. They are looking for a way to incorporate electronic elements seamlessly with their acoustic instruments.

User— 15 January 2024 — 07:27 pm

Those suggestions were great! Please provide me with ten more!

Launchy— 15 January 2024 — 07:27 pm

The Aspiring YouTube Musician

A talented individual looking to break into the music scene by posting live performance videos on YouTube. They need a setup that allows them to easily switch between sounds and instruments to create dynamic, multi-layered videos.

The Cruise Ship Entertainer

A performer who plays shows on cruise ships, often needing to cater to a diverse audience with a wide repertoire. They require a system that can handle multiple sets and quickly adapt to different performance scenarios.

The Home Studio Hobbyist

An enthusiast who loves creating music at home and occasionally performs at local venues. They’re looking for a cost-effective, powerful tool to bring their studio sounds to the live stage.

The Electronic Live Act

An artist who performs electronic music live, using a variety of MIDI controllers, drum pads, and synths. They need a reliable backbone for their live setup to manage complex routing and live processing.

The Mobile DJ and Entertainer

A DJ who also engages in interactive performances, requiring a system that can handle both pre-recorded tracks and live instrument triggering for an engaging audience experience.

The Multi-Instrumentalist Composer

A composer who plays and records with multiple instruments, looking to bring their layered compositions to live audiences without losing the intricacy of their arrangements.

The Band Leader

The head of a band who is also responsible for managing the technical aspects of live performances, including sound setups and on-the-fly adjustments during shows.

The Live Looping Artist

A performer who uses live looping techniques to build songs on the fly. They need a system that can handle real-time audio looping, effects processing, and seamless integration with various instruments.

The Sound Installation Artist

An artist who creates interactive sound installations for galleries or public spaces, requiring a system that can trigger audio and MIDI events based on various inputs and sensors.

The Corporate Event Performer

A professional musician who plays at corporate events, needing a versatile setup to perform background music, accompaniment, or featured entertainment with minimal setup time and maximum reliability.

User— 15 January 2024 — 07:27 pm

That is truly amazing! Can you provide me with ten more?

Launchy— 15 January 2024 — 07:27 pm

Absolutely, here are ten more avatars who would find value in information products about Cantabile and live performance setups:

The Ambient Music Performer

An artist specializing in ambient and atmospheric music, often performing in art galleries or at meditation events, who requires a system to weave intricate soundscapes with layers of synths and samples.

The Classical Crossover Pianist

A classically trained pianist who incorporates modern technology into performances, looking for ways to blend traditional piano with electronic elements for a unique concert experience.

The Retro Synth Enthusiast

A musician with a passion for vintage sounds who needs a modern solution to integrate and control multiple virtual instruments emulating classic 80s synths for tribute bands or retro-themed events.

The Indie Singer-Songwriter

A solo artist who writes and performs their own material, seeking a compact and efficient system to add layers to their acoustic performances without the need for a full band.

The High School Band Director

The leader of a school band who is incorporating more contemporary music into their program and needs a system that can manage backing tracks and enhance live performances for students.

The Experimental Sound Designer

A sound artist working on avant-garde performances and installations who requires a versatile tool to trigger and manipulate sounds in real-time, creating immersive audio experiences.

The Wedding Band Musician

A member of a wedding band who must cover a broad spectrum of songs and genres, looking for a solution to manage and switch between a large number of presets and instruments quickly.

The Theme Park Performer

An entertainer performing daily in theme parks, needing a robust system to handle multiple shows per day with quick changes and consistent reliability in various outdoor conditions.

The Music Festival Act

A live act that tours music festivals, where quick setup and breakdown are essential, looking for a system that can manage complex audio routing and provide a full sound with minimal gear.

The Community Theatre Musical Director

The musical director for community theatre productions who needs to supplement the live orchestra with additional sounds and effects, ensuring a rich audio experience for diverse musicals and plays.

User— 15 January 2024 — 07:29 pm

I am very impressed. Please provide me with ten more.

Launchy— 15 January 2024 — 07:29 pm

I’m glad you’re finding the avatars useful! Here are ten additional avatars:

The Jazz Fusion Artist

A musician blending jazz with electronic elements, looking for a flexible system to trigger loops, samples, and virtual instruments while preserving the improvisational nature of jazz.

The Touring Tribute Act

A performer in a tribute act who needs to recreate the specific sounds and setups of the original band, requiring a reliable platform for managing complex presets and MIDI mappings.

The Busking Electronic Violinist

A violinist who incorporates electronic music into street performances, seeking a portable solution for backing tracks, effects processing, and amplification.

The A Cappella Group Music Arranger

The arranger for an a cappella group who uses backing tracks for rehearsals and live performances, needing a system to cue tracks, adjust pitch, and balance levels on the go.

The Podcast Live Show Producer

A producer who creates live podcast events, looking for a solution to integrate sound effects, theme music, and manage guest microphones with ease during live recordings.

The Virtual Concert Creator

An artist who performs live concerts in virtual spaces or via livestream, requiring software to handle real-time audio processing and integration with streaming platforms.

The Mobile Recording Engineer

A recording engineer who offers on-location recording services for live shows, needing a system that can handle live mixing, recording, and playback with precision.

The Amateur Filmmaker and Composer

A filmmaker who composes and performs their own scores, seeking a way to integrate live performance elements into film soundtracks with a professional touch.

The Chiptune Performer

A musician who creates music in the style of vintage video games, looking for a setup that can manage multiple chip-synth emulators and MIDI controllers for a nostalgic sound.

The Interactive Art Exhibit Curator

A curator designing interactive art installations that include sound elements, in need of a system that can trigger audio based on viewer interactions and movements within the space.

User— 17 January 2024 — 10:49 pm

This is excellent! Please give me 40 more!

Launchy— 17 January 2024 — 10:49 pm

I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the avatars! Here are 40 more to inspire a wide range of potential users:

  1. The Lounge Pianist with a Modern Twist
  • Incorporates backing tracks and synthesized layers to create a full-band sound during solo performances in upscale venues.
  1. The Progressive Rock Keyboard Wizard
  • Requires complex layering and rapid sound changes to replicate the intricate soundscapes typical in progressive rock music.
  1. The Folktronica Duo Member
  • Blends acoustic folk elements with electronic beats and samples, needing a system that can switch between the organic and the synthetic seamlessly.
  1. The Traveling Minstrel
  • A modern-day troubadour who needs a lightweight, all-in-one solution for live accompaniment while storytelling and performing.
  1. The Street Performance Artist
  • Engages pedestrians with dynamic, layered music and sound effects, requiring a durable and battery-powered setup.
  1. The Children’s Music Educator
  • Uses interactive songs and sounds to teach and entertain, needing a system to manage a variety of educational content.
  1. The Experimental Jazz Trio’s Drummer
  • Incorporates triggered samples and electronic percussion into live jazz improvisation sets.
  1. The Live Soundtrack Composer for Silent Films
  • Performs and manipulates live music and sound effects to accompany classic silent films in theaters.
  1. The Digital Nomad Producer
  • Creates and performs music while traveling, requiring a compact setup that can be easily transported and set up in various locations.
  1. The Fitness Class Instructor
  • Uses motivational music and voice-over tracks to lead high-energy workout sessions in gyms or outdoor spaces.
  1. The Senior Citizen Ensemble Organizer
  • Manages music for a group of senior performers, requiring simple interfaces and large, readable screens.
  1. The Cabaret Show Performer
  • Manages multiple microphone inputs, backing tracks, and stage cues for a seamless live cabaret experience.
  1. The New Age Spiritual Guide
  • Uses ambient and calming sounds to lead meditation sessions or spiritual gatherings.
  1. The Hotel Lobby Entertainer
  • Provides a relaxing atmosphere with a mix of live piano and pre-recorded backing tracks for hotel guests.
  1. The Karaoke Night Host
  • Manages a library of backing tracks and adjusts key/pitch to accommodate different singers during karaoke events.
  1. The Competitive Marching Band Leader
  • Integrates electronic elements into marching band performances for competitions and halftime shows.
  1. The Live Radio Show Sound Engineer
  • Triggers sound effects and musical snippets in real time for a live radio drama or talk show.
  1. The World Music Fusion Group Leader
  • Blends traditional instruments from around the world with modern beats and samples for a unique sound.
  1. The Convention Entertainment Coordinator
  • Manages audio for various acts and presentations at conventions and trade shows.
  1. The Improvisational Comedy Troupe Pianist
  • Provides live musical cues and background music to enhance comedy sketches and improv performances.
  1. The Mobile Wedding DJ
  • Uses software to manage playlists and make live announcements, ensuring a personalized experience for each couple.
  1. The Indie Film Scorer
  • Composes and performs live scores for independent films, often at film festival screenings.
  1. The Resort Activity Director
  • Oversees live entertainment and activity audio needs for guests at a vacation resort.
  1. The Video Game Live Streamer
  • Enhances gaming streams with live musical performances and sound effects.
  1. The Live Podcasting Panel Moderator
  • Coordinates audio inputs and outputs for live podcast recordings with multiple guests.
  1. The Acoustic Singer-Songwriter
  • Adds depth to performances with subtle backing tracks and harmonizing effects.
  1. The Live Looping Cellist
  • Creates complex, orchestral loops in real-time performances.
  1. The Outdoor Adventure Guide
  • Uses music and nature sounds to enhance guided tours and outdoor activities.
  1. The Community Orchestra Conductor
  • Integrates virtual instruments to supplement a community orchestra’s live performances.
  1. The Cultural Festival Performer
  • Manages music and sound effects for various acts and performances celebrating cultural diversity.
  1. The Electronic Press Kit Creator
  • Designs multimedia presentations for bands, including music samples and live performance clips.
  1. The Circus Troupe Musician
  • Provides live musical accompaniment and sound effects for circus acts.
  1. The Open Mic Night Organizer
  • Manages sign-ups, performances, and audio for a variety of local talent.
  1. The Music Therapy Practitioner
  • Uses calming and therapeutic sounds to assist in healing and relaxation sessions.
  1. The Amateur Astronomy Presenter
  • Enhances stargazing events with space-themed music and cosmic soundscapes.
  1. The Historical Reenactment Actor
  • Incorporates period-accurate music and sound effects into historical performances.
  1. The Underground Club DJ
  • Blends live synthesizer performances with traditional DJing for a unique club experience.
  1. The Art Gallery Curator
  • Uses ambient music to set the mood for art exhibitions and gallery openings.
  1. The Language Learning Software Developer
  • Integrates music and sound cues into language learning applications for an immersive educational experience.
  1. The Environmental Activist Speaker
  • Uses nature sounds and thematic music to enhance presentations on environmental issues.

And a bonus!

  1. The Local Hack
  • Usually plays Hammond organ, but may play piano as well.

Nothing here describes me, unless AI adds “local hack”. :frowning_face:


I’ll ask it to regenerate more! :slight_smile:

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This is where the hallucinations show up - Local hack also plays guitar! :rofl:

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