Does this exist? Should it?

Many times I’d like to tweak a patch and I need all the effects off temporarily.

Another use is when I’m trying to duplicate a patch on one synth to another synth. Being able to switch back and forth quickly would be very useful.


This works, but there are probably more eloquent ways to accomplish the same task. Make a new linked rack with additional audio input (Stereo B). I named the rack “Audio Selector Switch.”

In the rack, route both inputs A and B to output

Create bindings that enables/disables each of the inputs in an opposite fashion. I used CC14 being >=64 to enable A and simultaneously disable B.

As CC 14 is moved, A and B routes should be swapped from enabled and back. Note that the route has to be named before a binding can be applied. Cantabile will ask you for the name.


If on Performer you could also use states to manage activation/deactivation of the route, then it would be possible to see - if you pick good names for the states - which route is active.