Does Cantabile play nice with Komplete Kontrol MK2 and Komplete11

Actually several questions:

  • Does cantabile run Komplete 11 nicely?
  • If it does, does Komplete Kontrol behave nicely as a controller? Or do you loose the NI Integration with Canbatile as a host?
  • If Komplete Kontrol behaves nicely, how does that work if you have multiple instruments layered in Cantabile? I would emagine the controlled might get confused as to which instrument gets controlled (not the notes of course - but the other controls)

Anyone here have experience with such a setup?

I run mostly Komplete 11 with no issues. What is your laptop situation? I’m running an i5 with 16 GB RAM, 2.9MHz, 1TB HD and 500GB SSD in the optic bay and have had no issues with Cantabile and Komplete. It will of course depend on how many layers you are talking about and what you are layering. I have had 8-10 layers going with no real issues as far as C3 is concerned. Your results may vary. Just watch your CPU usage

i7, 32Gb, 1T SSD - should not be an issue then I think. Tx for your reaction!