Does anyone own Royal Albert Hall Organ?

If so, is it worth $180? How’s CPU? How would you characterize the sound?

I don’t own that one. I have Fredonia Grand from Impact Soundworks and I quite like it. One thing I like about the Fredonia is that you have access to each individual stop just like the real thing. Do your own research, but, as far as I can tell, the RAH gives you an assortment of canned registrations, not control of individual stops. Of course the real Fredonia organ is quite a bit less than the RAH. Sampling each and every stop on such a large instrument may be impractical. And it would be a resource hog on your computer.

Just my $0.02.

I own the Royal Albert Hall Organ. Nothing to say about the sound quality, but it only has a few presets and a fairly minimal interface.
CPU usage is quite low.
IMHO not worth the price.
The Garritan Pipe Organ costs half as much and is still very nice.

I can play a small sequence for every preset if you are interested in.

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I bought it last Autumn, but it was for a lower price here in the UK. I have just gone on the official site, and it is available for £129, so should be only around $135 or so, but that depend on exchange rates, of course. Here is the link:

I spent quite a while listening to Youtubes of various Organ vsts, and find the sound probably the best - especially the basses, with those 64’ pipes!

Raydo is correct in that it gives you a set of combinations of stops available, rather than every single stop in existence. Remember, the organ is huge, with nearly 1000 pipes, so I believe they went for the combinations to keep the size of the library down, and to reduce processor load. With the organ having several keyboards plus the pedals, replicating them to be played from just a single keyboard could be quite a challenge.

The voicings available are fine for me, as I am not wanting to use it for overt organ music. I play in a contemporary worship band and occasionally need a big church organ sound, but use it in combination with other sounds as well.

I have found that I use the quieter voices to sit behind other sounds to fill them out without it being immediately why the sound is so full. This works especially well if you just use the bass pedals, again to fill out your sound. And this vst has an incredible bass sound, with the sound slowly building up, just as the real 64’ pipes would, and you suddenly become aware that the air around you is moving, even the floorboards, which you just don’t expect. It is quite an experience! I have also used a quieter flute voice sitting behind 4 instances Spitfire Audios Originals - Epic Choir. This vst offers a range of soprano/alto, and tenor/bass combinations, including a couple of samples where the choir merge from one vowel sound to another, hence 4 instances of the vst, and with the “flute” voice behind them gives a changing choir sound that sounds especially creamy.

For your information, here is a link to a chart detailing the voicings and combinations, if it helps you:

Hope this helps

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@cpaolo thanks for your input; will check out the Garritan Pipe Organ. @raydyo, I will check out out the Fredonia organ; might be a possibility.

@Sausagefingers, I am amazed that you can get for 129 euros. If I buy from US would I have to pay VAT? NI is selling for $179. I am in the same spot you are; playing in a worship band that occasionally needs background pipes. The 64’ stops are intriguing, just what I am looking for. After listening to the various registration groups, I think there is enough variety for what I am doing.

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Yeah, I seldom actually use a pipe organ in either of my bands. I just love the sound for messing around. In a previous life I could play some Bach with two hands and two feet. Occasionally on a real pipe organ. But those days are long gone.

I wouldn’t base any decision on 64’ pipes. You can’t hear that low. With massive subs in a large room you would feel it. Royal Albert Hall qualifies as a large room, I think. :smile:

You are also buying the acoustics of the hall. I have never been there so I can’t say if that is good or bad.

These things are all in similar price categories. With RAH you are getting a massive organ in a famous environment. Garritan gives you several different organs, Fredonia looks like it gives the most detailed modeling, but for a single, smaller instrument.

You probably can’t go wrong with any of these. I am a big fan of Impact Soundworks. I’m sure that contrbuted to my choice. I may have also had a member discount.

Happy hunting.


The price is down to exchange rates. Presumably the RAJ site gave you the $179 figure. I gave just done a pound to dollar check and it came out at $163, as the rate is changing all the time.

VAT is the UK version of purchase tax, so presumably RAH have included the VAT or the US equivalent in the price.

And re the 64’ pipes - maybe it us the 32’ ones I physically hear, but part of my experience is feeling the low notes, especially as they build up. They certainly make a difference!

I love watching the look in people’s faces when I tell them which organ they have just heard, or the look on their faces as they try and work out what they are listening to when I use the organ vst to thicken a sound!

Happy hunting. And after all it us a vst that you are looking at, so why not but more than one. It is what guitarists do with guitars!!

Ha, @sausagefingers, you mean like the 4 B3’s I have when I swore I would just get one? I already have Rathgar which is pretty good considering the price.

For non-professional use, all these stops-preset organs are fine.
For a classical organist, it might be better to think of something like Hauptwerk and with a multi keyboard console.

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That’s the one, @sgarman! :grin:

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I see that modart also has an organ. i know nothing about it. but if it is as good as pianoteq, it may be worth a look.