Does anyone know of a simple but powerful grid-like MIDI Program Change mapping tool?

I use some PC mapping in Cantabile, but I’m looking for something much easier / more powerful to manage multiple changes from one view. If you know of a tool that looks similar to my screenshot and uses a grid to set Program Change mappings, please let me know. Thanks.

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I do not. The Cantabile filter is “one dimensional” as compared to your example. One could use multiple filters, but the overall matrix view would be nice.
That seems like a nice expansion to the filter. I’d also like a entry matrix for the note mapping internal to Cantabile. One note input to output up to four (or more!) other notes. Using foot pedals, I’m always hitting one note and needing a chord output. I have to use VSTs for that function now; I’m sure an internal Cantabile method would be much better.