Does anyone else have an occasional Song State that "hangs"? Causes and solutions?

I’ll have a fairly complex song that works fine for quite some time. Then I’ll go to make a change, even something as simple as a Show Note edit, and that state will hang and takes around 5 seconds or so to load. Undoing the change makes no difference, it will still hang. I can then open my previous backup (not a previous file but the actual *.cantabileSong) and it will not hang as long as I don’t change a thing.

I’ve checked everything, verified, etc and can’t seem to find anything broken or missing, no bindings incorrect, etc. It’s definitely not sample banks changing, the sample banks and rack presets don’t change at all between these states. Some of these songs don’t use samples at all. Even if I just duplicate the state so nothing changes at all, it still hangs. Does anyone have insights into why this occurs? Typically these songs are running at about 25% time load. And I’m still on C3 performer. I should finally get a break of a few weeks to move to C4 shortly. Maybe that will solve it.

I have a few guesses, but none that really make sense to me or are definitive. One is that perhaps I used a flash drive to copy songs and racks over and the song got corrupted. I’ve heard that SSD’s are “safer” and have started to use that instead. Another is that I perhaps used an older song or template as a starting point but it’s been saved and modified so many times it’s corrupted somehow. But then, I have one older song that’s working great on the Primary PC but hangs on the Backup PC. Or vice-versa. Both PC’s are exact same models, exact duplicates of software etc. Regardless, going forward I’m creating new templates and hope that will solve the issue.

IDK, the songs that do this don’t seem to have anything in common. There’s one that’s not even very complex. I just rebuilt it from scratch with exactly the same parameters and it works fine. So maybe older songs/templates are the cause.
Luckily, I have been religious in backing up so it’s not a show stopper, but it is problematic. Any insights are appreciated!