Dockable Panel for the Onscreen Keyboard

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Hi All,

I do a lot of bench testing of ideas and products for vst and vsti. I sometimes encounter a GUI like this one from Full Bucket. I love this thing but it is hard to play with for the reasons stated below.

This display is at full resolution and the GUI covers the Onscreen keyboard making it not well suited to testing without a lot of jockying of panels. I’d like to suggest that the onscreen keyboard be dockable with an option to stay on top.



That sir…makes a lot of sense. If you are constantly shifting panels between the GUI and the onscreen keyboard, I would find that more than annoying, so I second that e MOTION to make the onscreen keyboard dockable.

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how about this? Fits on any desk…

And a lot more fun than the onscreen keyboard…


Second Monitor?

Hey Torsten,

I love it! But I need to save up, they are about 200 dollars over here … Thanks for the look see hadn’t seen this series and it would be great on my desktop.


I added a 2nd monitor to my rig. I bought a reconditioned 17" for $27 without a stand. I used a standard music stand and just drilled out the rivets and drilled new holes to match the holes meant for the original monitor stand. I used slightly longer machine screws to attach the monitor via those threaded holes. I use a rack mounted desktop and I added a dual monitor card for the 2 - 17" monitors, but the center one was quite obtrusive. I fixed that issue by ordering a small 12" monitor from Amazon and made a small support shelf across the 2nd tier of my Z stand. It’s the perfect size to see what I’m doing in Live Mode (lyrics/Chords/set list) but if I need to do any detail work I have the 17" monitor to work with positioned pretty much the same as yours, off to the side. I have a small wireless keyboard that I can move to face either monitor if necessary. The 12" is very doable, but with my aging eyes, I need a billboard sized monitor :grin: