Do not change the volume of the metronome

Is it possible to leave the volume of the metronome unchanged when I change the “Output Ports”-Fader? The metronom should always keep the same volume even if I change the “Output Ports”-Fader.

Currently this isn’t possible. Best alternative might be to use the individual port gain sliders in the monitor panel rather than the master output gain.

Anyone else having a problem with this?

What is your audio setup? Usually, a metronome is just for in-ear/headphone audio ports. But you might find a way to isolate ‘metronome’ vs. ‘all other’ output and assign a fader to ‘all other’ that adjusts only the ‘all other’ volume to mains. Just a thought…


Hi Brion.
That’s exactly what I want to do. Isolate the metronome. But how?

I use the output port gain to set the master volume per song (for all plugins/racks) - and save it per song. That’s the reason why I can’t use Brad’s suggestion. Our drummer should always receive the same volume of the metronome (or audio click).

Maybe it’s possible in a future version :wink: ??

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The solution is quite easy:
Create a rack, that just connects it’s input to it’s output and route all your sounds into this rack. Now you can adjust the volume of the song by adjusting the volume of this rack.
Since you can not route the metronome separately the metronome will go straight to the output and you don’t change the volume of the metronome if you change the songvolume.


Yep - that’s my approach as well - but I also pack a master EQ and compressor in this rack as well ;-). Plus, I have a volume control fader in there that is connected to a slider on my keyboard via a state-independent binding. This way, I can control the overall volume of my keys and guitar relative to the original preset level. Good to have when you find that your pre-set levels are too soft or too loud relative to the band on that specific evening…




Thank you guys. That’s what I’m looking for!

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