Disply bug with Soundtoys EffectRack plugin

There is a display bug with the Soundtoys EffectRack plugin : when I insert it then open it, the GUI is small and empty. Clic on the hamburger menu, select “Detached”, close the plugin windows (still with the small and empty gui), then reopen the plugin : tada, everything is normal. untic “detached”, close and reopen the plugin window, it stays normal. Delete the plug with “Detached” Ticked or unticked, reinsert it, the gui is again empty !

UI parameters : Main window scaling 100%, Other window scaling 130%, Hi res for C3 window enabled, per-window res scaling disabled, GPU accelerated rendering enabled.

Any other workaround ? @Brad it is the only soundtoys plug with this bug, it’s here for a long time but i can’t say when it appeared, maybe with the HiDpi thing ?

Hi @AbgraalStudio

Thanks for reporting. Fixed for next build (3622)


3622 is up now and should fix this.

It’s fixed, thanks Brad

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